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Course and lesson prices

Although I specialise in trailer towing courses I also offer weekly lessons and semi-intensive driving lessons.

Trailer towing courses

Trailer towing

This is a one day course with test. Cost does not include the test fee
Pay as you go

1 Hour lesson

This is for learning to drive a car

1 Hour towing lesson

This is for a 1 hour trailer training lesson.
Block Bookings

This is for 10 hours of catB (car) driving lessons.
Intensive Courses

Semi-intensive course

This is based on 30 hrs of tuition but the number of hours required may vary.

Cost does not include the test fee
NFU discount.

NFU members discount.

Discounted price for NFU members for B+E lessons. There is no discount on test fee.

Please call for more information or to discuss your particular requirements.

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